Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club
Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club
  1. Remove street shoes when entering the dojo.
  2. Bow on entering and leaving the dojo.
  3. Do not eat,drink or chew gum during training in the dojo (short break may be given).
  4. Do not use mobile phones in the dojo.
  5. No jewellery or piercings to be worn during training for safety reasons.
  6. No alcohol,drugs or smoking is permitted in the dojo
  7. Always refer to your instructor as Sensei.
  8. Bowing:Instructor and students bow to each other from a standing position as a mark of respect (no kneeling).  
  9. Students must inform the instructor of any injuries before training starts.
  10. Students will bow to each other when training together.
  11. Students must be punctual and be ready to train 5 minutes before the start of sessions.
  12. Students arriving late must wait in seisa (kneeling) to be invited on to the training area.
  13. Students must not play games in the dojo- warm up whilst waiting or practice!
  14. Students arriving whilst a session is in progress must not disturb the lesson with noisy behaviour.
  15. Students taking part in kumite must wear protective equipment at all times.


Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club

Stechford Leisure Centre

Station Road



B33 8QN

Mobile: 07849885231



Want to join us?


Training Times (age 6+):

Fridays:6-7PM (Beginners to Red belts)

Fridays:7-8PM (Yellow belts to Black belts)


Sundays:9:30 - 10:30 (Beginners to Red belts)

Sundays:10:30 - 11:30 (Yellow belts to Black belts)



We operate a continuous beginners programme but please contact us to book your place.



The next grading will take place on, Sunday, 12/12/21
Fees need to be in by Friday, 10/12/21
Our grading Senseis will be Senseis Pete and Emily 
Good luck to all graders
God bless ❤️

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