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Chief Instructor and other Black belts

1. Chief Instructor:Franklyn Doras 6th Dan

Details of Karate Activity Since 1972

I have categorised my karate activity since commencing Karate Training in two areas; firstly my grading record and secondly my competition record of achievements.

Grading Record

  • 1972- commence karate training with Sensei Cyril Cummins 7th Dan who was affiliated to the KUGB (prior to this I had practice Judo for 3 years)
  • 03.09.78- took first grading with Sensei Tomita and was awarded 7th Kyu ( prior to this all I did was trained and competed in  karate competitions)
  • 17.12.78- awarded 6th Kyu by Sensei  H.Tomita
  • 25.03.79 – awarded 5th Kyu by Sensei M.Kawasoe
  • 15.07.79 – awarded 7th Kyu by Sensei H. Tomita
  • 11.11.79 – awarded 3rd Kyu by Sensei Tomita
  • 09.03.80 – awarded 2nd Kyu by Sensei  H.Tomita
  • 12.07.80 – awarded 1st Kyu by Sensei  M.Kawasoe
  • 02.12.81 – awarded 1st Dan by the late Sensei Enoeda
  • 16.02.95 – awarded 2nd Dan by Sensei Enoeda
  • 16.10.99 – awarded 3rd Dan by Sensei Enoeda
  • 05.06.05 – awarded 4th Dan by Sensei Cummins
  • 11.04.2010- awarded 5th Dan by NAKMAS
  • 25.04.16 - awarded 6th Dan by NAKMAS



Competition Achievements (as a member of Sensei Cummins Club)


  • 1981- North of England Open Championships- 3rd place (Team kumite)
  • 1990 – National Police Championships – 1st place (Team Kata)
  • 1990 – International Emergency Services Championships Paris – 3rd place (member of the United Kingdom Police Team)
  • 1991 – Handsworth Open Championships -3rd place (Senior male kumite)
  • 1992- KUGB Central Region Championships -2nd place (Team kumite)
  • 1993 – Handsworth Open Championships (Sensei Syd Gordon)- 2nd (place Senior Male kumite)
  • 1993 – Handsworth Open Championships – 2nd place (team kumite)
  • 1993 – KUGB Central Region Championships – 3rd place (Senior male individual kumite)
  • 1993 – British Police National Championships – 3rd place (Senior male Kumite)

1994 – Handsworth Open Championships – 1st place (Senior male kumite)1995 – KUGB Central Region Championships- 1st place

    • 1997 – KUGB Central Region Championships – 3rd place
    • 1997- KUGB Central Region Championships – 1st place

    The above are some of my achievements and it does not accurately reflect the many championships I have entered during this period of training but was unsuccessful.


    I have been practising Karate for  41 years now and  during this time I have been fortunate to train with some of the great names in Karate both at Club level, National and International Levels(Sensei Kanawaza, Sensei Obata, Sensei Uchi,Sensei and others from the JKA to whom the KUGB was affiliated.  At present I still continue to train with Sensei Cummins, and attend courses with other organisations / Instructors such as Sensei Masao Kagawa, Sensei Scott Langley(JKS), and the JKA.

Kye-awarded 2nd Dan on 09.10.16

Pete-awarded 1st Dan on 09.10.16

Emily, after many years of training, gained her black belt on 16.11.2014

Jamal Sparkes-2nd Dan


Jamal successfully passed his 2nd Dan examination on 10.05.2015..See him in kumite action

Kye Adams 1st Dan- Junior Assistant
Moheen Amin-Received 1st Dan Black belt certificate
Zain Amin Received his 1st Dan Black belt Certificate
Sabreena Hussain Receiving 1st Dan Black belt Certificate
Steve Gales receiving his 1st Dan Black belt certificate
Emma Gales receiving her 1st Dan Black belt certificate

Ivan ,after many years of training, gained his black belt on 16.11.2015.

Joshua, after many years of training ,gained his black belt on 16.11.2014.

Sabiq, after many years of trained gained his black belt on 16.11.14.


Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club

Stechford Leisure Centre

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B33 8QN

Mobile: 07849885231



Want to join us?


Training Times (age 6+):

Fridays:6-7PM (Beginners to Red belts)

Fridays:7-8PM (Yellow belts to Black belts)


Sundays:9:30 - 10:30 (Beginners to Red belts)

Sundays:10:30 - 11:30 (Yellow belts to Black belts)



We operate a continuous beginners programme but please contact us to book your place.



The next grading will take place on, Sunday, 12/12/21
Fees need to be in by Friday, 10/12/21
Our grading Senseis will be Senseis Pete and Emily 
Good luck to all graders
God bless ❤️

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