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Good news my karate family. The forecast is good. The future is karate.

The centre is due to reopen on 12 April, and, if there are no sudden changes, we begin our sessions again on Friday, 16 April, and Sunday, 18 April.

Previous rules still apply; only under 18s, sorry adults; you need to book your sessions; parents can’t stay, and most important of all, PLEASE DON’T COME IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL.

If you responded to my earlier message, you do not need to book again, I’ve got you.

Can I thank you all for your patience and loyalty.
God bless❤️

Hi everyone sorry it’s been so long, but there was nothing to say, Ann I didn’t want to add my misery to yours, Ha ha.

Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m beginning to get excited about the prospect of our return.

Gyms can open again on 12 April, but we’ll have to wait and see what, if anything they will want us to further to the documents that we provided in December.

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything from them, but in the meantime if you guys could text me to register your interest, please, so that I can work out if the club is still viable.
Looking forward to seeing you all again.
God bless❤️

Hi guys as the 1st session isn’t doing well at the moment, we had 2 thoughts. 

If there’s an overflow for 2nd session, the overflow can train in the 1st session.

Also, if there are any students, from the 2nd session who would like to train in both sessions they can for now, but we’d have to give priority to 1st sessions.

Message me to book your session(s) and I’ll let you know how the numbers are going. Thanks.
God bless❤️

Good evening karate family. I have to tell you that after making contact with everyone to find out whether they wanted lessons. Knowing that lessons have to be booked at the moment, we were very disappointed that no-one turned up for the first session, which still has to be paid for.
Three students didn’t turn up in the second session.

From our recent experiences, we are quite aware that plans can go wrong, which case a text or call to let me would be useful.

Until things return to something nearer normality, if you book a session then don’t turn up, you will still need to pay for that session, if I’m not informed.

Remember you need to book each session, so if you wish to train tomorrow,and you weren’t training today, you’ll need to text me, please.
Lorraine Senseis Pete and Emily❤️

Information for tomorrow onwards.

I can’t state enough that you must check that you’re not displaying any symptoms.
If you are off school because you’re isolating, please do not come until your isolation is completed.

Arrive 5 minutes before start of lesson, dressed ready to train.

Parents cannot stay to observe.

Thank you

Hi guys the centre have given us the ok to start back on Friday 4 December. This will give us 3 weeks of training before we close for Christmas.
If you wish to start with us, please text me as soon as possible. God bless❤️

Hi guys a few bits of news to give you hope.
1) Sensei Austin has recovered well from his last operation and is back in training. Well done Sensei Austin, you are blessed.
2) Sensei Pete has been invited to go and train with Sensei Austin and is going this Sunday. I shall be praying for you Pete as I know what you’ll be facing ?
3) I heard from the leisure centre that they hope to contact me in the next couple of weeks to plan our return.
This is good news but remain cautious as we don’t know how far away the actual start date will be.
Love and miss you all.
God bless

Good evening karate family. I trust that you are well, and parents breathing a kind of relief now that children are going back to school.
Congratulations to all those students who survived the exam results chaos. I hope that you all got what you needed in the end are are ready to take the next steps in your journeys.
I have spoken to the centre, the manager informed me that they are still in phase 1 of return, which means that although some centre classes have resumed, it is going to be a while before clubs can return.
In the meantime Pete and I have to make sure that we have all of the paperwork in place for your return and test and trace procedures. In this event we are working with NAKMAS.
Pete has also been busy planning lessons with no contact activities.
Please be patient. We want to get back as soon as possible. My silence has been because there is nothing new to report. I don’t want this club to be a casualty of covid, so please hang in there with us. I hope it won’t be too much longer now. Miss you all.
God bless❤️

Hello my friends hope you’re all well. Just thought I’d pass on best wishes from Sensei Austin, who is recovering well from his operation and things are looking good. He’s going through the chemo etc, but meanwhile he’s in training for his 6th Dan; personally, I think he’s amazing.
Longing to see you guys again; you can have too much of a good thing??
God bless❤️

Well done to all those who graded on Sunday, I am proud of your achievement.

A special mention should be made to our two new black belts, Mark and Hammad, they have both worked very hard for a number of years.

We also presented Hammad with the Franklyn Doras Memorial Trophy for his commitment to the art and to the group, stepping in to support the training sessions when needed. Both he and Mark have been ready to help when needed. Thank you both.

Once again I thank Sensei Austin Birks for coming to take the grading and we wish him well as he continues to battle with cancer.
Never give up. Never give in.

Lastly. Our last session is on Friday, so let me wish you all a God blessed Christmas and New Year.
Lorraine ❤️

I would like to say a great big thank you to Sensei Austin for coming to do our workshop on Friday, even though he had to travel for 1 1/2h to get here, and despite his  continuing  battle with cancer.

It was a thing of beauty, the way in which he inspired the students. They were like flowers opening in the sunlight.

Sensei Pete and I took the opportunity to look at the students as they trained to finalise our list for the upcoming grading.

God willing and with his determination, Sensei Austin will be there for the grading.

Never give up. Never give in. God bless you. O



Sensei Doras With Kai and Pete

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A Seminar with Iain Abernethy was held at Stechford Cascades on 07.06.15. This was another sell-out event enjoyed by all.The photo shows some members of Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club with Iain Abernethy- for additional photos of the day see courses under events


Oliver,as a white belt,now below demonstrating choko tsuki as a 9th Kyu (Orange belts) to the Beginners- Red belts here

A demonstration of Gohon kumite by a Red belt- click here


Orange belts demonstrating using the hip- click here


Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club

Stechford Leisure Centre

Station Road



B33 8QN

Mobile: 07849885231



Want to join us?


Training Times (age 6+):

Fridays:6-7PM (Beginners to Red belts)

Fridays:7-8PM (Yellow belts to Black belts)


Sundays:9:30 - 10:30 (Beginners to Red belts)

Sundays:10:30 - 11:30 (Yellow belts to Black belts)



We operate a continuous beginners programme but please contact us to book your place.



The next grading will take place on, Sunday, 15/12/19
Fees need to be in by Friday, 13/12/19
Our grading Sensei will be Sensei Austin Birks.
Good luck to all graders
God bless ❤️

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