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 We are back tomorrow my people.
God bless ❤️ 

Hi guys just been made aware of VELO taking place on, Sunday 12 May. This event is going to cause disruption to the flow of traffic, so I’ve made the decision not to hold classes on that day. We will be back on 19 May; Friday.
We are also training on 5 and 10 May.
God bless
Lorraine ❤️

Hi folks I hope that you’ve all had a great time this Easter weekend. Don’t forget that we’re back tomorrow, so brave the weather, and come along, it’ll be good to see you all again.

God bless

Lorraine ❤️

Well done to all those who have graded this weekend. I am so proud of you all. I make special mention to the 4 white belt graders who had to start the grading. 

I would also like to say how proud I am of Ian, who has climbed mountains over the last few years, but has overcome them and put on a sterling performance, yesterday.

Can I say a big thank you to my guys Senseis Pete and Kye for all of their hard work in bringing us to this point?

A special thank you to Sensei Austin Birks and his team for coming to train and grade the students. Austin is a man of integrity, and these last several months, we have seen that he’s also a man of great determination. Austin you are an inspiration.

Looking forward to presentation sessions on Friday, when it all begins again.
God bless 
Lorraine ❤️

This site contains detailed information about our club in particular, and shotokan karate in general.

It doesn't matter whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced practitioner,you're sure of a warm welcome here; please feel free to come along and train with us.


Just to say thank you to all the mums and dads who have taken to the cashless payment system. I just have to remember that contactless only goes up to £30  ??God bless   Lorraine ❤️

Sensei Doras With Kai and Pete

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A Seminar with Iain Abernethy was held at Stechford Cascades on 07.06.15. This was another sell-out event enjoyed by all.The photo shows some members of Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club with Iain Abernethy- for additional photos of the day see courses under events


Oliver,as a white belt,now below demonstrating choko tsuki as a 9th Kyu (Orange belts) to the Beginners- Red belts here

A demonstration of Gohon kumite by a Red belt- click here


Orange belts demonstrating using the hip- click here


Kenshin Shotokan Karate Club

Stechford Leisure Centre

Station Road



B33 8QN

Mobile: 07849885231



Want to join us?


Training Times (age 6+):

Fridays:6-7PM (Beginners to Red belts)

Fridays:7-8PM (Yellow belts to Black belts)


Sundays:11-12PM (Beginners to Red belts)

Sundays:12-1PM (Yellow belts to Black belts)



We operate a continuous beginners programme but please contact us to book your place.



The next grading will take place on, Sunday, 17/2/19.
Fees need to be in by Friday, 15/2/19.
Our grading Sensei will be Sensei Austin Birks.
Good luck to all graders
God bless ❤️

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